Find the font name out of a screenshot, link or PDF.

Did you ever look at a piece of text, and thought that font will be perfect for your own project? But then, which font is it?

These 2 awesome tools will help you find

A great tool to check out when working on your color palette.

This tool gives you all the numbers you could ever want about a color, including color models RGB, HSL, HSV and CMYK.

Search free photos on Flickr by choosing a combination of colors

A simple tool for getting inspired and staying on top of things

Looking for a quick fix? Use this tool to create your product, using great templates for free

Want to extract a color palette from your image, or find its key colors?

In some projects you might want to base your color palette on one main picture

Need to wash your eyes with inspiring creatives?

Looking for templates, plugins, images, audio, animation, or just a piece of code?

3 million digital products, created by designers, developers and creators of all kinds

Icons, mock-ups, UI kits, backgrounds and more…

This big collection of quality vector art might be what you’re looking for!

This vector by DryIcons is only 

Looking for quality elements? Icons, backgrounds, patterns, designed materials?

This vector by DryIcons is an example for a free download 

“It doesn’t matter how many resources you have.

if you don’t know how to use them, they will never be enough.”

Looking for a color palette? Want to get inspired? Get lost in this color world!

This website is a social network for color palettes, patterns and shapes

Transition effects for off-canvas views

Line drawing animation with illustration fade-in or website fade-in

An inspirational collection of subtle hover effects

Simple ideas for enhancing text input interactions

How creative can you get with CSS? Get inspired by the latest web trends (+ free code downloads)

This website is a Must! UI/UX designs, psd templates, mockups, icons, free downloads – Heaven for designers

Need to design or build a one page website? Find here inspiration and tools

Before you start designing any mobile project, pass through here for great inspiration

Need quick solutions for your project? Find here free graphic elements

Looking for an icons set? want to share yours?

This project seems like an endless collection of icons

Looking for free or cheap high quality icons? Use this tool

Often need to create a mood board for a project? This tool will make it a breeze.

This website allows you to search for images based on 

Do you have to design a UI or just an element, and need ideas? Don’t get lost – use this tool

Choose a Palette or Create your own using this cool tool! 

This tool is all about creating your color palettes. 

Their easy interface will show you palettes,

A breath-taking way to present color palettes. Get inspired!

Whether you need a new color palette or not, this website will suck you into

Subtle and modern effects for links or menu items