Find all the icons you want easily.

GlyphSearch makes it super easy to search for icons within different sets. 

Just type in the search box a word (like: arrow, home, facebook), and you’ll see the matching icons. You can also filter them by choosing a library

Find the font name out of a screenshot, link or PDF.

Did you ever look at a piece of text, and thought that font will be perfect for your own project? But then, which font is it?

These 2 awesome tools will help you find

Before you choose a font, check out this huge collection

It’s not a joke! It’s a real font for mockups and wireframes

Looking for a quick fix? Use this tool to create your product, using great templates for free

Jump in and get what you need!

Having a break? Play these games and test your knowledge

Test different fonts on your website (or any website) easily

Not sure yet about your font? You can easily check fonts and font styles directly in your browser, with­out edit­ing code or refresh­ing

Check this out when you look for free design resources.

Fonts, icons, buttons, patterns, themes, mockups,

Over 1000 quality fonts for web design

Need to wash your eyes with inspiring creatives?

Looking for templates, plugins, images, audio, animation, or just a piece of code?

3 million digital products, created by designers, developers and creators of all kinds

Icons, mock-ups, UI kits, backgrounds and more…

Looking for quality elements? Icons, backgrounds, patterns, designed materials?

This vector by DryIcons is an example for a free download 

Excellent blog + Freebie every month.

A nice variety of free fonts to download and use for free.

This website is a Must! UI/UX designs, psd templates, mockups, icons, free downloads – Heaven for designers

Need quick solutions for your project? Find here free graphic elements

Want to choose a font for your website easily?

This font selection tool allows you to easily compare fonts for web, on one page, in order to choose the best

Do you have to design a UI or just an element, and need ideas? Don’t get lost – use this tool

Did you ever look at a website and thought their font is awesome, but had no idea which font it is? Or ever wanted to know the exact color of a certain brand?

Now you can easily find all the colors and fonts any website uses.