A great tool to check out when working on your color palette.

This tool gives you all the numbers you could ever want about a color, including color models RGB, HSL, HSV and CMYK.

Browse through all of Flickr’s free images, by color palette

No image is needed to have a simple arrow

Make your code user-friendly, with color names

Search free photos on Flickr by choosing a combination of colors

Design your own Google map easily, or download a style you like.

Create color palettes or just pick a color easily and get its code

Another way of fitting colors to each other

Having a break? Play these games and test your knowledge

Want to extract a color palette from your image, or find its key colors?

In some projects you might want to base your color palette on one main picture

Want to apply Instagram filters to your own photos, on your computer?

Official color codes for the world’s biggest brands

Need to wash your eyes with inspiring creatives?

Need to see which color is in your code? Or to grab a hex code for a color?

7 things every designer needs to know about accessibility

Looking for a retro pattern? Look no more!

Excellent blog + Freebie every month.

Want to create a Material Design color palette quickly and easily? Never sure which colors or tints go well with each other?

“Material Design” is a design language developed by 

Test your text color and background color against each other easily.

Don’t open your photoshop to test

Want to recreate your favorite Instagram photo filters in Photoshop?

Looking for a color palette? Want to get inspired? Get lost in this color world!

This website is a social network for color palettes, patterns and shapes

Need to integrate other brands in your website? For example social sharing…?

This website gathers the assets and guidelines of the most famous brands and social networks

Do you have to design a UI or just an element, and need ideas? Don’t get lost – use this tool

Choose a Palette or Create your own using this cool tool! 

This tool is all about creating your color palettes. 

Their easy interface will show you palettes,

A breath-taking way to present color palettes. Get inspired!

Whether you need a new color palette or not, this website will suck you into

Want to pick or finalize your color palette based on certain rules and calculation? This palette generator is for you!

Before you start designing any project you should always

Did you ever look at a website and thought their font is awesome, but had no idea which font it is? Or ever wanted to know the exact color of a certain brand?

Now you can easily find all the colors and fonts any website uses. 

No, really! Create your own noise, and download it.

So you think you have an eye for colors? Lets put it to the test!

Play the color matching game on