Find all the icons you want easily.

GlyphSearch makes it super easy to search for icons within different sets. 

Just type in the search box a word (like: arrow, home, facebook), and you’ll see the matching icons. You can also filter them by choosing a library

Find the font name out of a screenshot, link or PDF.

Did you ever look at a piece of text, and thought that font will be perfect for your own project? But then, which font is it?

These 2 awesome tools will help you find

A great tool to check out when working on your color palette.

This tool gives you all the numbers you could ever want about a color, including color models RGB, HSL, HSV and CMYK.

Browse through all of Flickr’s free images, by color palette

Download photos of hands holding various phones, to use in any presentation of your designs

No image is needed to have a simple arrow

Make your code user-friendly, with color names

Try this free and easy-to-use wireframing tool

Download mockups for iPhone, Galaxy, HTC, Nexus, Nokia and more…

Search free photos on Flickr by choosing a combination of colors

Use this code to make it snow

Before you choose a font, check out this huge collection

A collection of free templates: HTML, WordPress and email templates

A simple tool for getting inspired and staying on top of things

No need to load an image in order to have a speech bubble

An amazing collection of completely free stock photos.

Design your own Google map easily, or download a style you like.

Create color palettes or just pick a color easily and get its code

It’s not a joke! It’s a real font for mockups and wireframes

Use this code to shake things up in your website.

Looking for a quick fix? Use this tool to create your product, using great templates for free

Jump in and get what you need!

Another way of fitting colors to each other

Having a break? Play these games and test your knowledge

Huge collection of photoshop resources!

Want to extract a color palette from your image, or find its key colors?

In some projects you might want to base your color palette on one main picture

Generate your own favicons for your website

Favicon is the little icon that represent your website on the browser’s tab, in the toolbar and on mobile devices

Test different fonts on your website (or any website) easily

Not sure yet about your font? You can easily check fonts and font styles directly in your browser, with­out edit­ing code or refresh­ing

Check this out when you look for free design resources.

Fonts, icons, buttons, patterns, themes, mockups,

Create your own button visually, and get its code!

Buttons don’t have to be images. With this

Want to make your Lorem Ipsum more interesting?

Want to apply Instagram filters to your own photos, on your computer?